Weaving the magic of charitable work – Emma Watson

We first saw her as a geeky and gawky teenage witch in the Harry Potter movies. Soon, we will be seeing her as the better half of the title duo in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. In more than a decade that Emma Watson has been in limelight, its not just these superficial changes that she has gone through.

She has grown up in full public view into a strong, caring woman of substance. Besides her acting career, Emma also talks puts her attention to social causes. She has been a long standing champion of gender equality, even from the stage of United Nations. Other causes that she supports include betterment of underprivileged children, poverty eradication, literacy and health issues.

Widely regarded as a fahionista, Emma has even used  her keen fashion sense for raising awareness and funds for many social causes. In 2008, she donated a jacket to support Sense, an organization that works for deafblind people. Since then, she has donated shoes, clothes and accessories for many similarly noble causes. She has also partnered with People Tree to create a clothing line made with hand woven fabric imported from Bangladesh.

In 2014, UN made Emma a Goodwill Ambassador for women empowerment. She has fulfilled this responsibility with utmost sincerity. Her speech during the launch of UN’s HeForShe campaign was much appreciated and well received. She has made use of every possible occasion and platform to tell the world the importance of gender equality. In 2015, she delivered a 4,000-signature petition to Uruguay’s parliament, calling for greater political participation by women. No wonder she was one of the most charitable celebrities for 2015

Earlier this year, she was a part of Red Nose Day wherein a bunch of celebrities organize a fundraiser for distressed kids from across the globe. Only last week, she was busy hiding books around London’s underground metro stations. This, too, is a part of her commitment to a charity group that aims to make more people read.

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