Dr Amit Samarth’s bid to bring India on world cycling map

Amit Samarth became a doctor to help people with diseases. Over the years, he has included inspiring people to lead healthy lifestyle in his job description. He has even turned a sportsman to lead by example, participating in cycling and running competitions at various levels. He has won several  national and international marathon and triathlon events in the last couple of years.

Currently, he is preparing for one of most difficult endurance challenges of the world: Race Across America (RAAM). Last December, he became the first Indian national to qualify for competing in the solo category of RAAM 2017.It consists of a competition to cover the distance of 5000km between the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic coast of America within twelve days. The race will take place in June.

“RAAM has been considered as a race that tests and pushes the endurance of the participants. The qualifier was not very easy as well. It needed us to cycle a distance of 150km through the various mountainous ghats and other difficult terrain,” said Samarth while talking about last year’s race. As part of his training for RAAM, he has been undertaking many long journeys. The most recent one being from Nagpur to Bengaluru and back.

In the past, Dr Samarth has won other prestigious titles like Ironman, completed more than 100 half marathons and 8 full marathons. He has completed a 1000 km Brevet from India Gate -Wagah border-New Delhi in 54 hrs. He was also a crew member for Seana Hogan(6 times RAAM winner in women category) in last year’s RAAM.

Dr Samarth has a simple motive behind participating in RAAM – to put India on the map of international cycling. You can be a part of Dr Amit Samarth’s efforts, too. Motivate him by contributing to his fundraiser so that he can buy the necessary equipment, continue his training and bear other expenses related to RAAM.