Make your donors your promoters

Why does someone makes a donation towards your cause or organization? Most of the time it is because they recognize your genuineness of your work and believe in it. They think that their contribution will enable you to continue doing good. Aren’t these the qualities one looks for in their promoters?

New donors are more likely to believe in someone who has shown their conviction in you by donating. This is especially useful in crowdfunding since it is all about engaging with the right people. We have put together a few tips about how to make good use of your regular donors. However, remember that these are ways to engage returning or generous donors, who identify closely with your cause.


  1. Through emails: The easiest way to make a donor feel valued is to send them a personalized email to thank for their contribution. In the same email, you can request them to spread the word among their friends that you still need more help. It would work even better if you can politely ask them to forward the mail to a stipulated number of friends, say 5 or 10.
  2. On social media: You could take it to next level by tagging them on your social media pages, announcing to their network of their support to your campaign.
  3. Blogs: If any of your supporters are active bloggers, you could ask them to feature your campaign on it.
  4. Testimonials: Even if they themselves can’t write about you, ask them to give you a testimonial. Use these words of praise and affirmation on your own blog, website, campaign page and social media.
  5. Direct engagement: If the cause that you are fundraising for is such that it benefits a larger section of people, consider the donor feel closer to the beneficiary. You could do this through establishing a channel of communication between the two. You could use the name of the donor for some important part of the project being funded. Or ask the donor to volunteer for your nonprofit for a couple of hours. (Make sure to record and put up any such engagement on your social media and campaign pages!)
  6. Make them a celebrity: You can also make good use of the testimonial by including it in your press release, or during media interactions. This will also make the donor feel closer to the cause and the organization.

Now that you know some secrets of involving donors in your crowdfunding campaign, get started! Create a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdera where you can raise money for FREE.