The star with a Hugh heart

His movies may speak about fantasies and histories, but Hugh Jackman is aware of the problems in the contemporary real world. In fact, he plays a very active role in the efforts to alleviate many of them. He is a very outspoken supporter of economic reformations that would improve lives of people in third world countries.

Initiatives that Hugh supports include Global Poverty Project, World Vision and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. On several occasions, he has visited the poor in backward areas to raise awareness about and funds for their problems. In fact, it was during one such trip to Ethiopia in 2009 that he met a poor coffee farmer Dukale.

The Wolverine actor was so moved by what he saw in Ethiopia that he decided to do something about it in a more proactive manner. This is the thought that gave birth to the Laughing Man Foundation. The organization buys coffee from poor farmers and ensures they get a fair compensation for their produce. All profits from the venture go towards education, community development and new business development projects in the developing world.

In the subsequent years, Hugh Jackman has appeared in fundraisers for various charities. Causes he supports range from supporting creative artists to senior citizen rights. He has led his voice to projects as different as saving a park near Hudson river to spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS and skin cancer (which he was suffering from, and which is pretty common in Australia.)

In 2013, he spent his birthday singing and dancing to raise funds for Motion Picture & Television Fund. His Broadway appearances have also managed to raise substantial amounts for charity. Time and again Hugh has even engaged with his fans on social media to decide where to donate big sums of money. He also encourages his fans to donate to the causes they identify with.

If Hugh Jackman’s philanthropy has encouraged you, do a small bit of it yourself. You don’t need to give out or raise huge funds either. Just come over to Crowdera and support a cause you like, with whatever you can.