A mother’s fight to get access to her son – The story of Siminder Kaur

It has been a year now that Siminder Kaur has not seen her son. Anhad is now two-and-a-half year old and doesn’t even know about his mother’s existence. The plucky mother has not lost heart, instead she has started a fight to get her son back home. 

Siminder and her husband have been married for more than eight years. The couple were living in Tennessee, USA. Last November, they were facing some severe problems in the marriage. Therefore, they decided to leave Anhad who was only 15 months at the time with his grandparents in India. The two left for USA with the aim of focusing on improving their marriage. The two could not resolve their issues and decided to legally separate.

Despite being in India since April, Siminder has still not been able to see Anhad. Her husband has come back to USA where he works, while their son still stays with her in-laws. In a post on her Facebook page A mother’s plight, Siminder said, “Back in February, when I was busy trying to make our marriage work, my husband was busy making spreadsheets for a divorce settlement. A couple getting separated gets a shared custody of children in USA. The marital assets are also shared equally among them. That is why, he and his family decided to keep Anhad in India with his grandparents.” Subsequently, she filed an abduction case on them in India. 

For half a year now, Siminder has approached all possible avenues she expected help from. Police, judiciary, influential people and every other door she could knock. Yet, she has not seen Anhad in the past one year. Additionally, she is also fighting a litigation battle with her husband in USA.

Siminder Kaur needs all the financial help she can get. She needs to equip herself well to fight what may emerge to be an international custody battle. Everyone penny she gets can give her a little more hope of seeing her son and bringing him home. You can contribute towards this as well on her fundraising page on Crowdera.