Can I help a nonprofit on Giving Tuesday other than donating?

All across social media, you may have been flooded with messages of donating to a nonprofit organization on Giving Tuesday. The day which comes right after Cyber Monday has emerged as a global day of giving. No wonder than that nonprofits bank upon the giving spirit in the air during this time of the year.

Are you among the people who would want to go beyond donating? Do you find yourself unable to donate and still wanting to participate in the giving spree? There are ways to do this. After all, donating money is not the only way you can help a nonprofit. Every resource and skill that you can contribute can come in handy.


  1. Tell their story: We all use our social media pages to speak about ourselves. On this special day, you could dedicate all your posts on  to your favorite nonprofit organization or cause. Become their evangelist for the day.
  2. Share your giving story: Or that of someone you know. A past recollection of an instance where your financial contribution has helped a nonprofit can inspire others to donate.
  3. Volunteer: As fundraising becomes a major goal of the day, there are other functionalities that may need external help. Talk to the nonprofit you want to support beforehand to assess whether any of your skills can be useful to them.
  4. Help informed giving: Like with every good thing, there are some elements that make unfair use of a good day. Help the donors make an informed choice to choose where and for what cause their hard earned money goes.
  5. Create a crowdfunding campaign for them: If you can’t donate, get them donations from others who can! Let this be your personal gift on the day of giving for your favorite nonprofit. This is a simple task but would require a lot of planning, strategizing, co-ordinating and quite a bit of dedication. So you may want to start early on this one. Perhaps even talk to the organization ahead of launching the campaign to assess their needs and requirements. Involve all your friends and acquaintances in the process, too. Or ask our fundraising experts at Crowdera where you can raise money for your cause for FREE!