Its Happy Holidays for the animals, too!


Many animals in Sacramento, California got new homes this Holiday season. And many families that wanted pets but could not afford adoption took home their bundles of fur. All thanks to the generosity of one woman. The campaign dubbed, ‘Home for the Pawlidays’ is getting a great response from the people.

Real estate agent Kim Pacini-Hauch has offered to pay for all adoptions that take place in Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter till December 31. After she made the offer on Facebook, more than 250 people lined up outside the shelter on Tuesday.

All the cats in the centre were adopted even before closing time on Wednesday. By the end of the day, 20 cats and 21 dogs had been sent to their new homes. There are several animals living in foster homes who will be given to suitable families. Centre officials hope to clear out their kennels and cages in the time that Pacini- Hauch’s offer stands. Usually, adopting an animal can cost upto $85 for a dog and $65 for a cat.

Kim has made this offer to honor the memory of ‘Teddy’, a terrier that she adopted from the centre in 1984. In a poster that she has put up on Facebook, she describes her memories of Teddy. “I loved him with every inch of my being and have missed him greatly,” she wrote about her pet. She also declares the pets to be the best 10 pounds one can gain during the Holidays!

We told you Kim Pacini-Hauch’s story during the run up to Thanksgiving and #GivingTuesday with the hope that she inspires you. Think of some way to help the cause or nonprofit you support. Even if you plan to donate, go beyond the regular and help them make the most of the Holidays. Maybe even create a fundraiser for them on Crowdera where they can raise funds for FREE!