Ellen, The Generous: Helping people laungh and be happy

Comedianne extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres definitely knows how to make people laugh. She also helps make people happy by trying to make the world a better place. In fact, she won the ‘Favorite Humanitarian’ award during the People’s Choice Awards at the beginning of the year.

Through her famous talk show, Ellen has donated more than $50 million to many support several causes. Of this $12.5 million has been towards breast cancer awareness, detection and treatment of needy patients, $10 million for relief activities for victims of Hurricane Katrina and $21 million for individuals going through difficult situations or who have done some reward-worthy deed. In fact, her generosity inspired her audiences to donate more than $35 million. Even the famous selfie took during Oscars in 2014 helped raise $3 million for charity.

While receiving the award, she said some very wise words, too. “I have to say, it’s a little strange to get an award for being nice and generous and kind which is what we’re all supposed to do with one another. That’s the point of being a human,” she said.

Organizations that Ellen supports include Global AIDS Awareness, The Gentle Barn, Children’s Health Fund and Habitat for Humanity among many others. She has also supported causes like welfare of disadvantaged kids, anti-bullying, homelessness and various women related issues.

Many times over, she has played Santa to people she comes across going through difficult situations. Beneficiaries of such acts of kindness include a single mom from Alabama who was looking after her niece as well and a couple with seven kids who didn’t have enough money for food on most days. 

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