Lessons learnt from last Giving Tuesday campaigns

In 2012, the first Giving Tuesday was 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as the ‘opening day of the giving season’. The idea was to utilize the generosity people feel during the holiday season for the benefit of nonprofits. It started the trend of using the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas which is associated with blatant consumerism for charity.

In only four years, the movement has become so successful that the total amount donated in 2015 was almost ten times that of the donations made on the first Giving Tuesday. According to the projections, the donations on Giving Tuesday 2016 will be double of that in 2015. The projections range between $250 million to $280 million.

2012 $12 million NA
2013 $27 million 125%
2014 $47.5 million 76%
2015 $116.7 million 146%

Source: wholewhale.com

Lessons learnt from past Giving Tuesday campaigns

  • It shown the power of internet-driven fundraising
  • It’s a chance to acquire new donors
  • Millennials like to be involved with such hook campaigns
  • Chances of success increase when you engage donors by letting them tell their donation story and through hashtags like Unselfie
  • Donors and supporter network can be used to spread the word about nonprofits
  • Acknowledging and thanking donors is an important driving point
  • Every channel possible including e-mails, social media, messages on instant messaging platforms, texts, etc need to be used optimally
  • It’s a great branding exercise for corporates to brand themselves as socially conscious entity

Clearly, Giving Tuesday has emerged as a day that nonprofits and charities can’t afford to ignore. Make sure that your favorite nonprofit doesn’t lose out on this special chance. You can do your bit to contribute (other than donating, that is) by creating a campaign where they can raise money for free at Crowdera.