6 ways of making your Giving Tuesday ask stand out

It’s exactly seven days for the biggest day for nonprofits – Giving Tuesday. Looking at the donation amounts soar every year, it would be unwise to give the day a miss.

Amid all the donation appeals made on the day, your organization needs to find a way to stand out. So here are a few ways that will help to make your Giving Tuesday ask stand out from the crowd.


Donors are more attentive and supportive of a project with specific goals than a general appeal. After all, they do like to know where and how their money will be used. You can even start a free campaign on Crowdera to make your storytelling easier.


Make sure that all the images and videos you use for the campaign must bear the logo and/or punchline of your organization. You could even incorporate the heart symbol inside your logo. (Do it right away if you haven’t!)


Talk to the donors at a personal level in your ask. If possible, make the social media posts in the name of different volunteers through the day. Let them share their story of getting involved, and inspire others to do the same. Another way to make the appeals more human is to let the beneficiaries of the project talk about its importance in their lives.


Not just volunteers, even your donors would have some touching stories about the reason they support your cause or organization. You can also use file photos and tag some of your regular contributors. The day may be about giving, but you can use it for thanking such donors, too.


Don’t just take donations, offer the donors something special for their contributions. It could be a  chance to work directly with your volunteers, coupons from a local restaurant or even handmade greeting cards for the holidays.


While there will be many an organizations asking for money, Giving Tuesday can be used to gather other resources, too. Think volunteers, winter provisions like blankets, shoes, woolen clothes and anything else that your organization may be in need of.