JK Rowling: Weaving magic through words and deeds

This week author JK Rowling has been in news for two reasons. The release of Harry Potter spin-off ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and sending digital copies of her books to a seven-year-old girl in Syria. This is neither the first nor a solitary act of kindness from Rowling. In fact, she wrote ‘Fantastic Beasts’ in 2001 to support anti-poverty fundraiser by Comic Relief. There are some other books and stories, too, that she wrote to raise money for charity. 

Right around the time she became famous and money started coming in, Rowling set up Volant Charitable Trust. The Trust works directly towards poverty alleviation and removing social inequality. It also helps other organizations that work for child welfare, one parent families and research on multiple sclerosis. Incidentally, all of these Rowling has faced all of these problems at one time. 

She is also the founder and president of the international children’s non-profit organization Lumos. Other organizations that she has supported include Dyslexia Action, Doctors Without Borders and Army Benevolent Fund.

In 2004, Rowling was named as the first person to become a billionaire by writing books and the second richest female entertainer. The magazine removed her from the list in 2012. They said that the reason was her high tax returns. She had also donated US $3 million to charity in 2011, which was 16% of her earnings of the year.

JK Rowling is often hailed as a real-life heroine for her rags-to-riches tale. From a single mother battling poverty and living off welfare, she became a billionaire in just five years. It is perhaps because she has been on the receiving end that she understands the importance of giving back to the less privileged.

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