Utilizing your team to maximize Giving Tuesday donations

Tomorrow is going to be one of the biggest and busiest days for nonprofits around the world. Its Giving Tuesday, the day designated as the global day of giving. Its also called by some as the opening day of the giving season. 

If you are a nonprofit, you must already have a plan of action to use this day in the best possible way. But have you also made your team ready to take the heat of fundraising on Giving Tuesday? Volunteers are, of course, the most precious resource for any nonprofit. And they can help you reach the maximum possible donation target on this important day, too! 

Here’s a few ways of utilizing your team to maximize the Giving Tuesday donations coming your way. These tips can come in handy even if you have made no plans or preparations for the day.

Division of labor:

List down the various heads under which work needs to be done. Divide the volunteers at hand in these teams. You can also make these divisions as per time slots as it is a day-long activity. Different people can have responsibilities like online activities, offline activities, outreach, PR, etc.

Use their strengths:

Every individual brings in a certain skill set to the team, Allow the volunteer to choose the role they want to play. It could be writing, designing, researching or community engagement.

Designated Team leader:

Everyone on the team being involved in the many tasks required to be done within a day’s time may lead to chaos. That’s why it is a good approach to have a designated team leader for every task or team. Depending on the number of people and team, you could also have someone whom all the team leaders report to.

Offline activities:

Social media plays its part in Giving Tuesday campaigns, but simultaneous offline activities can help increase the donations manifold. If needed, call in some temporary volunteers for some fun activities planned around the local community.

Involve regular donors:

Yes, your donors are also a part of your team! After all, they wouldn’t have donated if they didn’t believe enough in your cause. Request some of your regular donors to get involved by making social media posts about your organization with the appropriate links and hashtags.



Its never to late to start working on a good cause. If you have no plans for the day but a great team, create a free fundraiser on Crowdera NOW!! Make use of our teams feature and make it a successful #GivingTuesday. Or raise some surprise funds for an organization you support.