Getting through the plateau phase of your crowdfunding campaign

“I have reached out to all the people I know and used all my resources. All of them have donated. I don’t know what to do after this to get more donations for my crowdfunding campaign.”

This is a very common rant of fundraisers using online platforms for their causes. However, its not a problem without any solutions. There are a few ways to help you survive this phase, and achieve your targets. We have listed a few of them here.


Perhaps, the appeal you have sent out through mails or social media is unable to touch a chord with the donors. Try to change your story telling tactics. Make it more human. And personalize it. Tell the story from the perspective of the beneficiaries, or better still, let them speak for themselves in a video addressed to the donors.


First off, we are assuming that you have already done the preliminary work during your pre-launch phase. The first thing to do in this phase is check the names of your backers. Tally this with the original e-mail list you had set out with. Send a mail thanking, and requesting to share your cause among their friends to the ones who have already made a contribution.

Send out another mail to the others, updating them about the target achieved. Include the impact that the funds collected will make and request them again to contribute. For example: 

You already know that we are raising funds through crowdfunding to build a new hostel for the female students of our school in rural Yavatmal. We are happy to inform you that we have collected Rs 80,000 which is 25% of our target amount.

The kindness shown by our backers so far will enable us to build the ground floor which will house the office, warden’s room, a bathroom and the common room. We need your help now to build the two upper floors where the girls will be living. Please make a donation. Even a small amount will help us a lot.


If you didn’t have any perks to begin with, its time to introduce some. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. Even something like a ‘Thank You’ note, or video featuring the beneficiaries would be a great idea. Just make sure that you don’t have to go out of your way to deliver it to the donors.

In case, you already have perks, rework them. Increase the number of the popular ones. Change the ones that don’t have takers. This might require some brainstorming. But it would be worth the effort in the end.


These would include avenues like instant messaging platforms like Telegram and Whatsapp, where you can send the links to your campaign with a personalized donation appeal to all your contacts. Go on forums like Reddit or on Facebook groups interested in your cause and initiate a conversation about your campaign. Even Instagram has a huge potential.

There’s a lot more steps that can ensure that your campaign gets completely funded. Perhaps, all you need is some more time and efforts. The Crowdera crew can help you with both. In the first case, by extending the campaign duration (we have flexible deadlines!) and in the second by helping you figure out what more can be done. Start your free crowdfunding adventure today!