Spreading the Christmas cheer through donating air miles

It’s Holiday season. And we are all busy buying gifts for our loved ones. A New York man, meanwhile, is giving out a very unlikely but thoughtful gift to strangers on the internet. He is giving away his frequent flyer miles to those who wish to go home for Christmas but can’t afford to.

Business consultant Peter Shankman travels a lot through the year. For this year, he has flown for more than 350,000 miles, accumulating a huge number of frequent flyer miles. For the second year in a row, he will be giving these out to people who can’t afford to fly back home for the Holidays. After giving out the flying miles to family and friends for years, Peter decided to help someone in need with the remaining miles last year.


peterPeter and his daughter at an airport during one of his trips
Image courtesy: Imgur

Posting his ‘gift’ idea on image sharing platform Imgur, he asked the internet community to help select the most worthy winners. The stories of the nominated people will be displayed in the comments, which the Imgur community will upvote. People with the most number of votes till December 2 will be given this unique gift.

“I believe that if you’ve had any modicum of success, you have a responsibility to give back. This way seems to work,” said Peter of his initiative.

The website has even created a new section called ‘Home for the Holidays’ where people can post their stories and nominations. Peter is hoping that some other frequent flyers or benefactors will come forward to sponsor some more people’s trips.

In between buying gifts for your family and friends, also spare a thought for those who really need your kindness. One way is to come over to Crowdera, browse through the campaigns and support a worthy cause. Or you could create free fundraiser for someone in need. Help make someone happy this Christmas.