Professor Sandip Desai: A teacher who inspires the world to ‘donate an education’

People don’t usually choose to give up a cozy job in favor of spending the day asking people for donations. But then, Professor Sandip Desai is an unusual man. Therefore, he decided to dedicate his life to facilitate ‘Vidya Daan’ or donation of education. Even if it consisted him of asking for small alms and loose change on the local trains of Mumbai.

In the late 90’s Desai was teaching at one of India’s most prestigious business schools. It was on his commute to work during this time that he noticed the plight of the poor kids. While kids of their age from a more privileged background would be going to school, these poor kids would be picking up rags or doing other odd jobs to make ends meet.

This made him so miserable that he wanted to look for a sustainable solution. “As a teacher, I felt the need to contribute somehow to rural areas, so a few professors and I began teaching students in government schools over the weekend but the root of the problem was still that there was no proper primary education,” said Professor Desai in a post on the popular Facebook page Humans of Bombay.

The solution to this problem was simple for these teachers – opening a school of their own. However, they had no money to this. After all else failed, Desai just started talking to people on the train he took home. He was able to collect some money in a matter of minutes. Ever since, it has become a daily job for him to collect donations on trains.

Seven years later, his organization Shloka Missionaries runs five English medium schools in different villages of India. One of them is in Yavatmal district of Central India which is infamous for farmer suicides. Shloka Missionaries are now raising funds for the operations of this school on Crowdera. You can contribute to the campaign, too! Help Prfessor Sandip Desai and his friends to reach to more students from rural India.