The Tuesday after #GivingTuesday

Last week, this time, anybody related to a nonprofit was busy tackling the high traffic. Trying to make the most of #GivingTuesday which is known as the biggest day of giving in the year. Now is the lull between the Christmas-New Year celebrations and Thanksgiving. So you connect with the donors during this time?

Now you may think, “Wouldn’t it be spamming? After all, we just made all these donation appeals and plan to make some more in a couple of weeks.” There are ways to communicate with your donors, without making it seem like spamming or an overkill.


First off, look into your donor list for the new donors. Don’t forget to thank them, while taking the chance to tell them your story. They may have read a bit about you. However, this will be an opportunity to fully ‘induct’ them in your cause or organization. Tell them in an engaging way about the conception and growth of your organization.


Donors are always interested in knowing how exactly their donations are used. To the extent that they are likely to donate more when assured it will all go towards the promised cause. You can even build some special infogrpahics about the donations that came in on #GivingTuesday. Include the projected spend matrix in this communication, too. 


No organization can depend on a single event for fundraising. Include the information about the other donation drives. Perhaps, compare the donations on all such days. You can also mention the way your organization spent the donations from the earlier event.


Don’t forget to ask the donor if they would like to receive more information about your projects or cause. Donors may also want to be associated with your organization in ways other than donating. Give them some avenues to do so. This could be in the form of social media promotions or spreading the word about your organization in their community.


Your next fundraising (which need not be during the Holidays) can be mentioned as well. New supporters gained on #GivingTuesday could be a great asset if you are planning a big project. These supporters can you run a very successful crowdfunding campaign for the same.

And if you are indeed planning a crowdfunding campaign, check out the fee-free and feature-rich platform Crowdera.