Things you must NOT do while promoting a crowdfunding campaign

We have given you a lot of to-do lists on crowdfunding. From hacks about using #GivingTuesday to generate the optimum results for a nonprofit to promoting a campaign. But did we tell you about the most common mistakes people make during the promotions?

Here’s a list of things that you must NOT do:

  1. Going in without prep: Remember crowdfunding starts with a crowd. If you don’t already have a sufficiently big crowd on social media, start gathering followers a couple of months before the campaign is launched. Also, your marketing and outreach strategies should be in place
  2. Being unclear about budgeting: Funding someone becomes difficult when one has a doubt about their budgeting. It could be about the total budget being too high to be credible or no clear distinction of expenses under every head. Its for this reason that Crowdera provides you a spend matrix to share precise budgetary allocations under each head with the donors.budget
  3. Not using social media optimally: Social media promotions are the lifeline of any fundraising activity. Assuming that you already have the crowd and following described in #1, make sure to communicate your message clearly. Ask your network not only for contributions but also for sharing your campaign with their network.socialmedia
  4. Improper donation appeals: Donation appeals work only when they strike a chord with the donor. It’s important for the donor to feel an association with the cause or person that the funds will help. Establish that association, depending on the means of communication.donate
  5. Approaching strangers for money: Don’t  directly ask for money or shares from the newer followers whom you don’t know personally. When posting on forums, stick to the rules and guidelines. Analyze the conversations on the forum and try to become a valuable member of the community before doing the asking. Imagine if these activities were to be done in real life how would you come across?asking

Does this list overwhelm you? Relax, crowdfunding is no rocket science. Creating and running a campaign is super easy on Crowdera. So come on over, raise some funds for your cause, or for someone you support for FREE.