5 Hollywood divas who believe in charity and giving back

It’s time for a pre-Christmas bounty! Therefore, we thought of being bountiful with our #FridayFandom post for today. So instead of one, we list down the names of 10 Hollywood divas who are engaged in charity and making a difference in the society. 

  1. Scarlett Johansson: Despite her ethereal beauty, Scarlett looks for making the world a much better place. The unassuming star skipped the Oscar ceremony in 2007. Instead, opting to visit poor kids from India and Sri Lanka where she supported projects in education, healthcare and spoke against domestic violence. The next year she visited Rwanda to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. She supports around 30 charities and more than 20 causes. scarlett_johansson
  2. Emma Watson: She has grown up in full public view from a gawky teen into a strong, caring woman of substance. Besides her acting career, Emma also talks puts her attention to social causes. She has been a long standing champion of gender equality, even from the stage of United Nations. Other causes that she supports include betterment of underprivileged children, poverty eradication, literacy and health issues.
  3. Miley Cyrus: Keep her wild antics apart for a while. Then you will see the genuine efforts Miley makes to help everyone possible. Often called an unlikely activist, the causes that Miley supports include animal rights, cancer, senior citizens support, substance abuse, homeless and LGBT issues. mileyc
  4. Ellen deGeneres: Ellen was awarded the ‘Favorite Humanitarian’ award during the People’s Choice Awards at the beginning of the year. She has not just been donating herself, but inspiring several others to do so as well. From helping victims of Hurricane Katrina to standing up for the rights of LGBT community, she has done it all. ellen_degeneres_300x400
  5. Oprah Winfrey: She is among the richest women in showbiz. And she believes in sharing her fortune with the underprivileged. Till date, she has given away millions of dollars for the welfare of people. Causes that she supports include education of girls in third world countries, human rights, HIV/AIDS support and environment among several others. 052511-oprah-300

Inspired? You can do your bit of giving back. Charity does not require deep pockets, just the will to help. Follow us over to Crowdera where you can browse through the campaigns, and donate to the cause you support. In case you know someone who could use help with fundraising, create a free fundraiser for them.