Nonprofit fundraising and the season of giving

This year, there was an unprecedented high in #GivingTuesday donations. This has given nonprofits a whole new impetus to work for Christmas and New Year fundraising. But there is one big problem with the season of giving fundraising – everybody wants a slice of the pie.

And that means the donors are spoilt for choice. In reality, this situation can be quite tricky and confusing. This makes it important for the donation appeals of your nonprofit to be distinct and different from the others.

Here are a few tips that can help you do just that:

  • Start with a story: The beneficiaries of the donation are the perfect subject for the appeal. Like any other Season’s greetings, set a tone of giving updates about the lives of the people in question.
  • Have a conversation: Tell the readers that they are important by addressing them often. It would be even better to ask questions. Encourage the donors to engage in a dialogue, whether making the appeal through mail or on social media.
  • Stall the bad news: The reason for raising the funds for most nonprofits is someone’s suffering. Make sure to mention it towards the end of the appeal. Keep the beginning largely positive.
  • Show the donor as problem solver: Now, that you have broken the ‘bad news’, come up with a solution. Tell the donor how even a small contribution would play an important part in the overall solution.
  • Target the right audience the right way: Millennials (who happen to be the biggest donors) are mostly comfortable with online fundraising appeals. Baby Boomers will be more comfortable with letters and phone calls.
  • Avoid religious undertones: Or overtones. In either case, keep the focus on the Holidays and New Year. This will also give you a chance to include many more donors who may not be religious or don’t celebrate Christmas.

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