Year-end charitable giving: tips for the donors

In yesterday’s blog post, we mentioned how Christmas and New Year bring along a whole wave of charitable giving. While this may make it seem like the donors are spoilt for choice, it actually creates a problem of plenty.

Inundated by the charity appeals that surround one is not the happiest way to celebrate. But you also want to extend a helping hand to those in need. This makes going through these appeals and sorting them in order of priority is an important task, too.

Therefore, we have compiled a small list of how you can use Crowdera for this.

  • Identify a local individual that needs help. You don’t even need to go out of your way to do this. An elderly neighbor, a homeless guy or a kid who needs some Christmas cheer. In fact, you can mobilize more people into helping this individual through crowdfunding.
  • Be the hero of sick children. Visit the pediatric ward of a local public hospital and talk to the kids, nurses or doctors. Figure out if there are any of their wishes that you can help fulfill. If some are beyond what you can afford or do on your own, take the help of the community at large.
  • You can also fulfill the wishes of residents of a senior home or a nursing home, just like described in the above point.
  • If you already have a favorite nonprofit, you can become their digital ambassador. Spread the word about them, including why you support them. You can even help raise funds for them. Hearing a fellow donor speak about a cause can help bring in a lot more donations to the organization you support.
  • Identify a family in your city who can do with some help to celebrate the Holidays. Maybe even a lot of such families. You can even organize a special Christmas dinner party for them all. Let others in your community take part in this party, too.

Got any more creative ideas? If yes, then, share them with us in the comments section here! A small tip from you can help someone else’s charitable giving become more worthwhile for their local communities.