When Santa fulfilled a boy’s last wish

As a professional Santa Claus, Eric Schmitt-Matzen of Knoxville, Tennessee has experienced some really fun moments. However, a job he had to perform a few weeks ago was not fun at all. He was called to be at the bedside of a terminally ill child at a local hospital. He didn’t know then that he would bring the last Christmas cheer to the little boy. 

Schmitt-Matzen has been donning the red and white suit for years now. A few days ago, he had to don the suit and appear in front a five-year-old boy at the hospital. On reaching there, the parents handed him a wrapped gift for the kid.

Apparently, the boy worried about missing Christmas than the prospect of dying.  “When I got there, it was my job to make sure he got Christmas,” said Schmitt-Matzen. Indeed, he did deliver the festival in a dreary hospital room.

Eric and the little boy chatted for a bit about Christmas, heaven and death. Then, the boy asked what he was he to do after reaching heaven dying. To this, the kindly old man said, “You get to those pearly gates, you just tell them you are Santa’s number one elf!”

The words cheered up the little boy so much that he got up to hug Schmitt-Matzen. Only a few minutes after the hug, the little boy breathed his last in Santa’s arms. He died happy knowing that even if he didn’t make it to Christmas, Christmas itself came to him.

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