Hyderabadis show their Christmas spirit to save Anthony Simeon

At 23, life had just started looking up for Anthony Simeon. The son of a humble peon, he had started working for a big company right after finishing college. His family was looking to celebrate their best Christmas in years. However, instead they will spend the day in a hospital praying that their a miracle that can save their son’s life.

In early November, Anthony met with an accident. He seemed to recover well, until one day he woke up with a headache and feeling sick. When his family members took him to the hospital, they were told he needed a complex and risky surgery. The surgery first failed. Luckily for them, the second surgery worked. Anthony is on his way to recovery now but needs another surgery to stabilize his condition.

Anthony in the hospital with his family

Now, Anthony is the only member in the Simeon family with a decent salary that could pay the hospital bills. The family doesn’t have much savings or income to depend on. When Jasper Paul of Good Samaritans India heard about this, he quickly created a campaign on Crowdera. GSI has earlier raised funds for many causes and people on Crowdera. He also started reaching out to the people in Hyderabad who he knew would contribute to such a cause.

In under a week, around 30% of the target has already been achieved. The donation amounts contributed by around 150 people range from Rs 100 (~$1.5) to Rs 5000 (~$74). However, Anthony Simeon still needs some more contributions to ensure there is enough money for the third surgery.

You can contribute towards this cause by following this link. After all, you don’t have to belong to a specific city to help save a life, and a family’s source of hope.

If you know someone in a situation like Anthony’s, help them raise funds on Crowdera, the no-fee fundraising platform.