Crowdfunding for nonprofits during the Holidays

‘Tis the season of giving and generosity. Hopefully, your nonprofit is already out there raising funds for the cause it stands for. In fact, this is among the best times to raise these funds online. This blog post of ours will tell you why crowdfunding must be a part of your fundraising plans.


  • Be considerate of people being busy — It is the Holiday season and people are busy making plans with their families. So, ensure that your campaign is crystal clear. Make use of elements like videos, summary in bullet points and graphs to convey your message across easily and quickly. 
  • Tie your story with the festivities — When telling or writing the ‘story’ behind your fundraising campaign, try to tie in the festivities with it. For example, if your campaign is to raise funds for the homeless people, project it as a Christmas gift. 
  • Ensure your target is realistic — This is a time when people would be more willing to give for a charitable cause. However, you should make sure your target is moderate and realistic. You are more likely to attain a target that is humble, rather than one that is hefty. 
  • Keep the rewards relevant to the season — One great idea to make the campaign more relevant to the time will be to include perks and rewards that would be useful. This could be in the form of handmade greeting cards, picture frames, ornaments or things that can be given as gifts. 
  • Pay special attention to the appeal you make — When making the final appeal, end on a happy note. People like to be happy, and believe that others can be happy during the Holidays. 

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