Year-end charitable giving: more ideas for donors

In last week’s edition of #WednesdayWisdom post, we gave you a few ideas about your year-end charitable giving. This week, we make some additions to the list.

This time we don’t have suggestions that would involve money, crowdfunding or Crowdera. In fact, we are listing down a few ways you can give back, without actually donating money.

Here’s some charitable giving ideas for the Holidays:

  • Time: Spend time with people who are likely to be lonely during the Holidays – elderly neighbors, homeless, inmates of hospice centres, etc. Help out in a local soup kitchen. Volunteer with an organization that would need your help. Join the neighborhood safety patrol. 
  • Skills: It is known that nonprofits and charitable organizations always need funds. However, they also need other services including designing, web development, accounting, social media marketing and a lot more. See if you can help some small nonprofit in your area with any skill that you have. 
  • Old stuff: Anything from toys and clothes to sheets and shoes. There are many people who need stuff you no longer use. However, while giving out such stuff, make sure it is in good condition. Take into consideration the dignity of the person who would use the stuff after you. 
  • Winter wear: During the tough winter season, winter wear or woolens can be a huge help to the homeless and low-income families. Many organizations collect sweaters, jackets, blankets and other such items. 

These are just a few of the wonderful things that you can give back during the Holidays. However, if you really would like to donate money, you can always rely on Crowdera. Let us help you to raise money for FREE for someone in need. In fact, even if you don’t have the necessary savings to donate, you can create a crowdfunding campaign for them.