Saving Christmas: Austin man pays off for toys marked for layaway

Imagine the pain of parents forced to give away their kids’ Christmas gifts. Eighty three families in Austin, Texas were going through this pain until last week. A stranger spent the entire Saturday saving Christmas for all these families, by paying for the toys they couldn’t afford. 

Kacee Jackson makes a living advising people who are trying to avoid having their homes foreclose. A few days ago, one of his clients said that despite the fear of losing her house, she was more worried about not being able to pay for the Christmas gifts for her kids. Though she tried to save, she could only put together $20 out of the $70 tab.

Jackson decided to pitch in the remaining amount. He visited the toy store to prevent the gifts from an imminent layaway. There, he realized there were many more families facing the same predicament. “I kind of felt a little emotional because I felt a connection to one person. I asked how many the store had and I think there was 40 at the first store. We just went ahead and paid all of them off,” he said.

Not stopping there, Jackson decided to help even more families. He drove to another toy store, and on the way he put up a video message on Facebook. In it, he requested all his friends to pitch in what they could so that they can make more kids happy on Christmas. And, his friends obliged by pitching in around $3,500.

Kacee and his friends paid off balances for toys in three stores in the town by the end of day. He put in $11,000 of his own money. He believes that making kids happy was the right thing to do. Commenting on the issue, he said, “I don’t need to see their reaction directly to know that they’re going to be pretty happy about it.”

Its random acts of kindness like these that make Christmas beautiful. You can also do your bit to give somebody their miracle. Look up the campaigns on Crowdera to find people in need of one. You could even start a fundraiser for someone in need and help them raise funds