Movies that strengthen the giving spirit of Christmas

The biggest celebration of the year is almost here. And that means families are together. Christmas is also a perfect time to instill a few lessons in the younger members. The good news is there is no need to be all preachy about it. There’s many an entertaining movies that can drive home the message much more effectively.

Here’s our Christmas movie list:

  • Elf: When talking about Christmas spirit on reel, nothing can equal the climax of this 2003 movie that has become a classic. It depicts how love, generosity and kindness are literally the engine for Santa’s sledge.


  • The Grinch: The cinematic adaptation of the classic Dr Seuss book stars Jim Carrey in the title role. It raises an emphatic point that Christmas is much more than gifts. The epiphany and realizations that the Grinch has towards the end is a perfect explanation of The Festive Spirit.


  • Miracle on 34th Street: This has been a classic Holiday movie ever since 1947. The movie asserts that a little goodwill and faith can go a longer way in bringing profits to businesses and even improve people’s personal lives.


  • Jingle All The Way: Tough guy Arnold Schwazzenegger plays a father in search for that perfect Christmas gift for his son. Beyond the surface, it is a tale of evolution of the father-son bond. The bottomline here is that spending time with the people in your life and nurturing relationships is more important than gifts.


  • A Christmas Carol: No other work of fiction can give the message of Christmas spirit as clearly as this Charles Dickens story. No wonder, then, that it has been adapted into several movies. Even Disney made a version in 2009 with Jim Carrey playing several roles.


Even a mere recounting of these movies has certainly lifted imy spirits. Has it had the effect on you? Here’s a small way to help others if you are in the mood. Go over to Crowdera, browse through the live campaigns and make someone happy in the spirit of the festival.