Here’s what science explains Santa Claus’ gift giving spree

Ever wondered how Santa Claus manages to go around the world in just one night? Scientists have a theory about Saint Nick’s Christmas eve journey. Not one scientist, but many of them. These are people who call themselves Santa math specialists (yes, that’s a real thing!).

Founder of the Ministry of Fun, James Lovell is one of the foremost among these Santa science men. He has done extensive research on the jolly old man, including the physics behind Santa’s epic annual gift giving journey.

Here’s what he found concluded:

  • Number of children to make deliveries to: 2.1 million
  • Number of stops required: 842 million (assuming there are 2.5 children per household)
  • With a distance of a quarter of a mile between every household, total distance to be covered: 218 million miles
  • Speed required to cover the distance on Christmas eve: 1280 miles per second
  • Time left for each household:  one thousandth of a second or one millisecond 

In order to get the maximum possible time on hand, Santa would need to travel from East to West. This will give him 31 hours instead of 24 to get the job done. It would require Santa to travel faster than light to accomplish this feat.

This fact has led many scientists to argue that Santa can not be real. However believers like Lowell have this to say, “Santa’s sleigh is not a time machine, nor a space ship nor a TARDIS. It is a tangible ray of hope powered by our imagination and the dreams of children all over the world. And that’s why every year Father Christmas brings magic to all of us.”

Despite his supersonic speed, Santa Claus can not heal the world on one day all by himself. He is a symbol that we all must carry the spirit of charity, kindness and giving must be carried all through the year.

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