Crowdfunding during the Holidays: Some tips

The Holiday season is full of everything that makes people happy. From getting together with one’s family to indulging in all one’s favorite foods. This is also the time when donation appeals from every organization and individual float around mailboxes. Running a crowdfunding campaign during this time of the year can be tough.

It may be the giving season but there is a limit to how much every donor can give. And, therefore, it is essential to give your donors the right reasons to donate. Here’s a few ways to help promote your crowdfunding campaign at this difficult time.

Optimize social media outreach: The fundraising appeal should be the first thing people see when visiting your social media pages. Most platforms allow you to pin the most important post right at the top of the page.

Other than this, engage with your followers. Make the posts about the campaign interactive, encourage your followers to ask questions and respond to them. Have conversations regarding the campaign.

Use Facebook groups and forums like Reddit. These would help connect with people you don’t know but would be interested in your campaign.

Create visual elements: Create some special pictures, graphics, videos, etc for the campaign. Make sure to brand all these elements. Many people may not read the entire donation appeal even on social media. However, a graphic element in the post is almost always read by anyone who comes across it.

In the Holiday season, give these elements a festive look as well. Create them in colors like red and white, or blue and white. Use design motifs that represent the season, and the festivals.

Use the right hashtags: Social media promotions, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, are incomplete without hashtags thee days. Research the prevalent ones during the season and with your cause. You can even create a unique hashtag for the campaign.

Blog about your efforts: Social media posts can be restricted by words, space or other constraints. A blog can come in handy in such situations. You can host one on WordPress, or use platforms like Medium to chronicle your crowdfunding journey.

From initial hiccups, to thanking the more generous donors, and even giving out regular updates or progress reports, this blog can help in communicating everything you need with potential and current donors.

Let the numbers speak: Statistics, numeric comparisons and ratios help drive home the message more clearly. For example, consider the following factoids:

  • The price of two week’s Starbucks coffee can also cover an entire year’s education of a child in rural India.
  • 15 million girls of primary school age will never have opportunity to learn to read and write.
  • Currently around 10 per cent of the total world’s population, or roughly 650 million people, live with a disability.

Using such numbers can put a lot of things into perspective. Donors may not always know the intensity of the problem that you are raising funds for. Tie these numbers in with the donation appeal. Don’t forget to allude the Holiday spirit and giving season while making the appeal.

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