2016 was a good year! Happy 2017!!

Another year has come to an end with the world recounting all that happened in the last twelve months. And, most of these year-end reviews paint a very dreadful image of the year 2016. However, there were a lot of good things that happened in this time as well. 

We decided to go the other way round, and recount all the highs the world experienced in 2016. So here’s a small list of the positive happenings from the last year.

  1. The world hunger index for the year shows that hunger is at its lowest point in 25 years.
  2. According to World Bank, we are just one generation away from achieving the goal of universal literacy. Even the gender gap in schools reduced.
  3. The number of deaths from malaria in 2016 was the lowest recorded in a year. And, we are a step closer to finding cure for HIV and ALS (We can thank the Ice Bucket challenge for this one!)
  4. The number of women dying during childbirth in 2016 was half of that in 1990.
  5. Democracy returned in Mayanmar with the first elected representative in 50 years assuming office of president. Also, Gambia drove a dictator out of power.
  6. Peace prevailed in Cambodia after a long strife.
  7. The number of wild tigers increased for the first time in a hundred years, while the giant pandas are no longer on the list of endangered species.
  8. More than 20 countries came together to pool in $5.3 billion for ocean conservation. They used this money to create 40 new marine sanctuaries spread over an area of 3.4 million square km.
  9. The ozone hole over the Arctic region has shown signs of healing. The level of acid pollution has fallen to equal the level during pre-industrialization era.
  10. The world became a much more generous place in 2016. Globally, expenditure on humanitarian aid including welfare of refugees, development has increased manifold. Even individuals contributed much more to charity than ever before.

We hope this small list brightened up your day. And, gave you a renewed vigor to look forward to 2017. In fact, you can contribute towards making it a better year. Come over to Crowdera and help brighten the world for someone in need. Or help someone in need raise funds for FREE!