George Michael: the secret Santa of many

It has not even been a week since George Michael passed away. And in the past few days, more and more people have stories about his generosity to share with the world. Twitter, in particular, was full of revelations about the kind acts George did secretly. 

Several charities took to social media to express sadness about losing one of their major donors. These included Childline that vulnerable kids, Terrence Higgins Trust that works for HIV positive people and Macmillan Cancer Support. He even volunteered at a homeless shelter. Even reporters and other celebrities had similar stories about the pop star.

Journalist Sali Hughes revealed that George Michael was the hero in a story she wrote about a charitable act of a celeb. This story was about a star who tipped a barmaid £5k. Because the barmaid who was studying to be a nurse was under a huge debt.

TV presenter Richard Osman recounted another such secretive act. Here, a woman on his show ‘Deal or No Deal’ had said she needed £15k for IVF treatment. He added that George called the show producers the next day asking about the woman. Later, he secretly paid the amount required for the treatment.

Its not that all the charitable acts of Michael were secret. Incidentally, his earliest known charitable acts were associated with Christmas, the day he died. He was a part of the original Band Aid single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’. The £19 million raised from it were donated to the relief efforts of famine victims in Ethiopia. He also donated the earnings from his songs ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘Jesus to a Child’ to charity.

Michael was also a part of several concerts for  charity. The causes these concerts supported include uplifting disadvantaged youth, welfare of people with HIV, children’s education and for terminally ill kids.

We wish the generous and charitable soul of George Michael all the peace. May he keep on inspiring many more people to help others. At Crowdera, we too, will continue working to bring about the giving revolution we set out to achieve.