New Year Resolutions: Why do we break them?

As the ball drops at midnight today, many of us will make a few promises to ourselves. They are popularly called New Year Resolutions. We make them with the aim of improving ourselves on some count and become better people. 

Did you know that largely people make the same resolutions every year? Here are some of the common ones:

  • Becoming fitter/losing weight
  • To quit smoking/drinking
  • Maintain a better work-life balance
  • Reduce time spent on social media
  • Do more charity

The tragedy with the New Year resolutions, though, is they are broken even before the year turns old. In fact, of the 62% Americans who make such resolutions, only 8% are able to achieve them successfully. Meanwhile, around 35% of the resolutions are broken before the end of January! There’s even a scientific basis to this behavior.


  • Impractical list of resolutions
  • We don’t time the efforts required into our daily schedules
  • Too many resolutions
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of accountability


These are some simple steps that you can use to attain your New Year Resolutions.

  • Think it through: Don’t be overzealous and over-commit. Sit and make a practical list of things that can be achieved in a 12-month period. Keep the number of resolutions small to make it more doable.
  • Break it down: Break down the big and daunting resolutions into simple steps. Break it down even further, if needed. List down the most mundane tasks that need and do them every day.
  • Write that down: The best way to keep a track of the progress of your resolution is writing down the list of tasks. You can also make a timeline of the steps. Maybe you can track these on a daily or weekly, just like you do at work.
  • Celebrate achievements: Decide the way you would reward yourself for achieving every single task on the list. It could be something as small as buying yourself a gift, or eating at your favorite restaurant.

So, now you know the factors that keep you from achieving New Year resolutions as well as the methods to avoid those pitfalls. You can start with writing that list down while still sober!

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