Some awesome rewards that make for successful crowdfunding

In an earlier post, we have established the importance of rewards and perks in crowdfunding. And in several succeeding posts, we give you some cool ideas about good rewards. We thought it was time to delve deeper into the topic. So, we bring to you some pointers that can help you with this all-important part of your campaign.

Characteristics of good rewards:

  • Unique: As far as possible, the reward must offer something that the backers or donors can’t get from other sources.
  • Budgeted: The budget for posting the them to backers must be considered during the planning stage. Include this budget in the campaign, or arrange for some from another source.
  • Relevant: Make sure they are connected to the campaign, cause or your organization.
  • Valuable: They need to be useful and valuable for the backer, just like any other gift.
  • Involve: They are a great means of making every backer involved with the cause and organization.

Some cool reward ideas:

  • Social media shout outs: A simple yet effective reward, mentioning or tagging a backer on social media has many benefits. You can even personalize this shout out if you know the donor well. Acknowledging a donor in public makes them feel good. It may also encourage some others in their social network to donate! And this requires no budgetary allocation at all 😉
  • Chance to interact: Involvement is an important requirement for donations, especially to nonprofits or charitable causes. The chance of getting more donors increases if the donor can interact directly with the beneficiaries.
  • Offer your skills: Remember what we said about rewards being unique and relevant? What would fit this description better than a skill only you have? Anything from singing, a sketch, even a craft or writing. Any skill that you possess can help someone else. You can offer the backers a “coupon” to use your skill for any special occasion or offer it straight off.
  • Sentimental mementos: While most campaigns offer material rewards, you can stand out by giving emotional ones. A handwritten or a recorded video message from the beneficiary, for example. Or naming a class after the most generous backer.

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