Here’s how you should NOT use social media for your promotions

In most posts about crowdfunding, we mention the importance of using social media the right way. So is there a wrong way to use it? Are there things that must not be done while promoting a crowdfunding campaign? The answer to all such questions is a resounding yes.

Don’t worry, though. We got your back! Here we have compiled a list of things to avoid on social media while promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Going in unprepared: One point we can’t stress enough is crowdfunding needs preparation, planning and strategizing. In fact, you can have an entire schedule of posts planned beforehand. Make some post ideas for different platforms.
  • Spamming: While we are talking about scheduling posts, lets talk about how much is too much. Well, the exact number will differ for every platform. For example, on Facebook a couple of messages a day is good, on Twitter the number can be 6-7 a day while on Instagram or Reddit, it would be one post a day. You will have to work this one out.
  • Same appeal for all platforms: The attention span, retention and word count of a post is different for every platform. It would be an advisable thing to customize your post based on the platform. That’s why the planning and scheduling is important.
  • Missed milestones: While your prepared posts would only be donation appeals, it is also important to share every milestone of your campaign with your followers. Its should not just be about hitting the 20 or 25% mark, but also about some of the more generous donations, or developments offline.
  • No graphics: Another important task to complete before the launch of the campaign is to have a few pictures, videos and other graphic elements prepared. As far as possible, use some of these with every post whatever the platform may be.
  • Insensitive/faulty use of what’s trending: Social media is all about trends. However when referring to whatever is trending currently, you must be well aware of its backstory. This article gives you a few examples of some epic social media fails.
  • Approaching strangers: You know what’s the beauty of crowdfunding? It depends on people you know. And they approach people they know for you. Even when you do approach a stranger, don’t do it with a donation appeal. Cultivate a genuine bond before even mentioning the campaign.

Now that you are well versed with things to avoid in social media promotions, go ahead and start a FREE fundraiser on Crowdera. If you have more questions, fee free to browse our blog, or read the FAQ section of our website.