Help pours in for Portuguese couple who showed kindness to stranded motorists

All those who doubt if an act of kindness is ever rewarded must meet
Lucinda Borges and Paulo of Avanca. This Portuguese couple found themselves down on luck recently. However, as soon as word got out about the misfortunes, help and support came in from every quarter. All because they had shown kindness to motorists stranded on a highway at peak summertime by providing them fresh drinking water.

In August 2016, hundreds of cars got stuck on a highway because of forest fires that attracted international attention. With the temperatures being unbearably high, lack of water was worrying the motorists. At this time, the couple provided fresh water to everybody. During the five hours of stranding, they distributed more than 1000 litres of water in all. A video them handing out water became viral and they got much appreciation. 

Paulo and Lucinda in theit kitchen, surrounded by the gifts they recieved (Image courtesy: Jornal de Noticias)

Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias published a story earlier this week about the couple. It recounted how they have run into financial difficulties, and Lucinda was unwell. Soon after, offers to help came in. People are offering Paulo jobs, and free consultations for Lucinda.

Many people have sent them food, cash and other gifts as well. On Christmas, they ate a humble meal by themselves. They sent their 15-year-old daughter to a friend’s place to not let her know about their financial situation. The same kitchen that wore an empty look on Christmas is overflowing with food now. Help came in from other countries like Cambodia as well.

Such gestures have overwhelmed the couple. Talking about it, Lucinda said, “I never thought there were so many good people. That they are offering us, but mainly the words of comfort, affection and strength. It seems that I even got a bit more health.”

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