Nagpur’s LGBTQ community is all set to be proud and out!

Even as Indian celebrities refuse to acknowledge their sexuality, some people want to change people’s view of LGBTQ community. They feel that the way to go about doing this is initiating a discussion about their issues. Especially in the smaller towns where the situation is much worse for the community than in the bigger cities. 

This was exactly the idea that gave birth to the Orange City Pride Parade to take place in Nagpur. The first edition of the Pride was organized last year. There was a lot of hesitation, anxiety and fear. For Nagpur, or Orange City, is the capital of India’s conservative right wing movement. However, it people and even political leaders received it very well.

“The LGBTQ community in smaller towns that surround Nagpur live in a very conservative area. This makes them more scared about the consequences of coming out of the closet. Therefore, they prefer to suppress themselves and lead ‘normal’ lives,” said Anand Chandrani, the founder of Sarathi Trust that is organizing this event. This means that these people live the life the society expects them to, ignoring what they want.

The pride helped the community to come together on a common platform without the fear of judgement. They got inspiration from each other, and many ‘came out’ during the Pride. The general public also stood and took notice. It helped initiate a discussion about alternate sexuality and the rights of sexual minorities. These issues were no more brushed under the carpet.

It was quite a start. But the struggle of the community is far from over. Understanding the need to carry this forward, Sarathi Trust is organizing the second edition of Orange City Pride Parade next month.

You can be a part of this big revolution in the small city of Nagpur, too. Contribute to their campaign on Crowdera. A small contribution from you can help disadvantaged people from the LGBTQ community of this small town big time!