Personal cause fundraising: Not as difficult as it seems

Are you in a financially dire situation in your personal life? Among the other efforts, you can also try crowdfunding for your needs. Personal cause fundraising is not as scary as it sounds if you have the right resources and plan ahead of time.

We have told you much about crowdfunding for a nonprofit in our blog. Let’s talk about raising funds for a personal cause today. 

From weddings to funerals, medical treatment to education, personal cause fundraising can be done for a wide variety of reasons. There are a few simple rules to follow to raise funds for such causes. Here’s a list of a the basics that you should know before jumping into it.


Since the campaign is about you, people who are close to you will be the ones interested in helping out. Therefore, it is advisable to start approaching people you know even before the campaign starts. Don’t just solicit funds. Ask them to help by sharing your campaign with their network, too. If some of them are influential members of your local community, make a special request for them to support your efforts.


Social media plays an important part in every crowdfunding campaign. However, its importance increases when an individual is raising funds for his/her personal needs. Other than Facebook and Twitter, include platforms like Instagram and forums like Reddit in your plans as well. Try to leverage every community or social media that you use regularly. Even your virtual friendships can be of big help here.


People who know you would know the situation you are in, and would donate as they would like to help out. However, the other people who come across your campaign won’t feel the same way. In order to show them gratitude and tell them how valuable their donations are, plan some creative rewards. It could be a poem written especially for them, or a painting. Just about any skill that you have can be put to use.


All through the duration of the campaign, share the important milestones with your donors and helpers. It could be a personal achievement, completing an important ratio of the target amount, or even getting a particularly generous amount of donation.


The relationship you cultivate with your donors doesn’t end with one financial transaction. Keep them informed about the way their kindness impacted your life. For example, if you raised the funds for your tuition fee, provide all donors information about your academic achievements and performance at a regular basis. Include them in your Holiday wishing list, if they weren’t before. Keep these communications very personal, and not robotic at all.

So, now you know what goes into running a crowdfunding campaign for your personal needs. Go right over to Crowdera where you can raise funds for your needs for FREE!