“Yard-based” pantries become blessing boxes for homeless

We all think of helping the homeless, but don’t know how. A woman from a small town in Kansas has shown the way to many, introducing the idea of “yard-based” pantries. The idea went viral on social media and many individuals, businesses and churches decided to follow suit.

The idea has been traces back to Jessica McClard from northwest Arkansas. She started the “little free pantry” six months ago. She put up the box in her yard. It has no lock or key. Anyone can pick up or drop stuff in the pantry. Many homeless people across the country have benefited from this movement.

In fact, a Facebook page titled The Little Free Pantry popularized the idea. Subsequently, several pantries came up in yards across Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida and Minnesota. Most of them even have a sweet inspiring message on them that speak about their function.

Maggie Ballard with her “blessing box”

Maggie Ballard from Wichita, Kansas started what she calls her “blessing box” in October. “I felt like this is something that I could do — something small that you know, would benefit so many people so long as the word got out about it,” she said about the reason behind starting it.

Talking about her idea, McClard said, “We’re all short on time and money, and this is a way that people can feel like they are making a difference.”

Its not just individuals like McClard and Ballard who have started these pantries. Some churches have started them, too. A few businesses have also put up the pantry boxes after their employees expressed the wish to give back to the society through such an initiative.

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