George Clooney: The actor who’s also an activist-crusader

“Well, he’s no George Clooney!” This has become a very common way of saying someone is not too good looking, making the actor a reference point in good looks. However, the fact that he is an overall nice guy often gets neglected. In fact, not many people would be aware of his activist-crusader side.

Many times, George has famously spoken against the human rights violation in Darfur, Sudan. In fact, he is the founder of Not On Our Watch along with five of his co-stars from Oceans 11. Through this organization, the actors have brought global attention to the Darfur crisis. They have also managed to raise and provide resources in several poverty-struck regions.

For more than eight years now, George has worked as a Messenger of Peace of the United Nations. In this role, he has spoken out on many occasions about the political situation around the world. He has lent his voice to several important humanitarian and emergency issues. His efforts have even raised funds for many causes. These include Haiti earthquake relief operations, 2004 Tsunami relief work and 9/11 victims rehabilitation among many others.

George is not all talks. He has visited many of the areas hit by the crises he talks about. He has also personally donated huge amounts of money to various causes including the welfare of the poor and homeless.

While his celebrity status may George Clooney an edge over most of us, the contributions of each person matter. Every little bit makes our world a little better. At Crowdera, we also work towards making the world better with every campaign. Browse through some of them to find a cause close to your heart, and support it. Or better still, raise money for FREE for an organization or cause you believe in.