Child Awareness Project: A social movement to child proof the world

She was a mere teenager in 2011 when Taha Fathima Khan came to know about a five-year-old girl kidnapped in Chennai. She created a Facebook page to start a movement that led to the girl being found. Instead of closing the page after this achievement, Taha began a movement to child proof the world. Six years later, her organization Child Awareness Project (CAP) is using soft skills to uplift underprivileged kids.

It only took eight days for the little girl that led to the formation of CAP to be found. Police suspected that the kidnappers were trying to traffic the child. That episode had a huge impact on Taha. She started using the same page to share reports about other missing children. Over time, CAP started playing a more active role regarding serious issues like child abuse and child labor.

The latest CAP project aims to teach some underprivileged kids soft skills. The aim is to help increase their scope of employability. Kids from such a background usually remain deprived of many opportunities because of lack of these skills. This project will positively impact the lives of 900 kids.

As a 20-year-old, Taha can boast of many feathers on her cap. She is a Global Youth Ambassador at A World at School, recipient of Diana Award and Voluntary Service Certificate of Excellence by International Medical University.

Despite being a third year medical student, Taha continues to involve herself in many social projects. These include teaching English to Burmese refugee kids, helping Parkinson’s patients and teaching English and Mathematics to children with special needs. She represented India in the 71st Session of United Nations General Assembly in September 2016. She spoke about the #SafeSchools campaign during there.

You can also contribute to #CAPSoftSkills project by donating to their campaign on Crowdera. It may be a small amount for you, but it can make a big difference in 900 lives.