Support a crowdfunding campaign beyond donation

Often times, we at Crowdera find that the donors would like a more active engagement with the causes they support. They are not satisfied with contributing in monetary terms only. Even when it comes to crowdfunding.

And, they often ask us if they can do more than that to support a crowdfunding campaign. We have often given the answers one-on-one. Today, we thought of sharing the ideas with many more donors. So here goes the list.


You always lead best when you lead by example. If you have donated to a cause and feel emotional about it, tell the world. Put up a post on social media about the cause for donation, and why you donated. Make an appeal on behalf of the person or organization raising the funds. This will be an immense help to the fundraisers.


You can take up the responsibility of making a few of your friends donate. Approach people who you are very close to and those who may not think wrongly of you for asking a donation on someone else’s behalf. You can also tag a couple of your friends in social media posts where instead of the appeal like suggested in the previous step, you only draw their attention to the campaign. Tell them you came across something they may like. You could also approach them privately via instant messages, texts or emails.


You could also ask the team to officially let you join the fundraising team, temporarily if needed. On Crowdera, you can do this easily by pressing the “Join Our Team” button on the campaign page. However, your joining the team will be subject to the approval of the campaign admin.


With due permission from the fundraiser, you can also set up a collection jar at your school, college, workplace or at a local business. You could also keep or printouts near leaflets near the jar about the campaign, assuring donors that all the collections will go towards the crowdfunding campaign in question.


If you have any skill, you can volunteer to include it as a reward in the campaign. This could be anything from writing or sketching to singing. While this is not exactly selling but you can offer to do something for any donor contributing a certain amount. You can have different versions (or levels) of your skill as rewards for different amounts of donations.

I am sure you are charged with several more ideas about helping your favorite nonprofit, or a friend in need with crowdfunding. Go ahead, then. Make use of all those ideas by helping them set up a fundraiser on Crowdera, where they can raise money for FREE!