She chopped off her long locks for charity

Would you give up something you have tended for 23 years? What if it was for a cause close to your heart? Fifty six year old Elaine Mayes did just that. She got her hair cut off entirely, after maintaining the long locks since 1994. All of this, in order to raise funds for a charity that works towards cancer research. 

Elaine’s hair had grown to a length of 55 inches when she got them chopped. She had walked in sporting a very long plait. By the end of the chopping session, she was wearing a very short crew cut. No wonder that she said she felt “really chuffed” after losing her hair.

She had pledged to cut of 1mm of her hair cut for every pound donated to charity. People were generous with their pledges and took up the offer. The Aberdeen resident ended up raising more than  £2,400. These proceeds will go towards cancer research. Even the hair that was cut off will be used for a noble cause. A UK-based charity will make wigs for kids who suffer from cancer out of it.

Elaine lost some close family and friends to the Big C, and is only too happy to alleviate the sufferings of other patients of the disease. She also hopes to encourage more people to come forward and support the cancer research and rehabilitation.

Well, you don’t need assets like Elaine’s long hair to be generous. A very small part of your savings can suffice to support your favorite nonprofit or cause. Browse through the campaigns at Crowdera and spot the cause worthy of your attention and contribution. Or just like Elaine, you could help raise the funds for a cause close to you heart. You could also come over to help someone in need raise funds for FREE!