Women are attracted to men inclined towards altruism

When talking about qualities that make men attractive, women have some very common answers. These usually include a good sense of humor, respecting women and is responsible. Most women may not say it out loud but a kind-hearted man automatically becomes attractive to them, especially if they are looking for a relationship. A recent scientific study found how altruism scored big on women’s list of priorities in a probable mate.

The study published a few months ago in the British Journal of Psychology said that altruism is among the top qualities that women look for in men. They conducted the study on Canadian adults, asking them about how frequently they did good deeds to help others. The study also contained questions about the details about their love lives.

The male participants who reported they were more frequent do-gooders also had more number of partners. The study also found that altruism was an important factor in “sexual selection” of mates for women. At the end, all participants were asked if they will be willing to donate the money they would get as the renumeration for the study. Men who were ready to donate more money, irrespective of the constraints, reported having longer and more fulfilling relationships.

This is not even the first or only study to reach such conclusions. Only a few months before this one, another study published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal had similar results. Its participants included more than 200 women who had to rate a few men on their attractiveness. The men who came across as selfish but were conventionally attractive were favorites as partners for one-night stands. Meanwhile the altruistic men found favor with the women as long-term partners whether or not they were attractive.

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