Saying ‘Thank You’ to your donors in a cost effective manner

We have stressed the importance of saying ‘Thank You’ to your donors many times over. It is a means of communicating gratitude to those who support you and inspire others to support as well. We have also discussed the importance of rewards in crowdfunding. But not all fundraisers can afford to give away rewards. In such cases, one has to come up with innovative ways of thanking their donors. At the same time, these expressions of gratitude must not upset the budget.

This is a common point of confusion for many of our fundraisers at Crowdera. Since we are a free platform, we host many campaigns of nonprofits and individuals in dire situations. We find that they often struggle to thank their donors. So, we thought of coming up with a list of ideas that can help making this difficult task a little easier.

Saying “Thank You” to your donors:


The most easy way to do this is over e-mail. However, the e-mail remains a personal thank you. If you want the acknowledgement to be public, a social media shout-out is a good option.

Craft it yourself

There are many simple craft ideas that you get on Pinterest or other websites. With simple things like paper, cardboard and glue, you can make some really amazing stuff. A notch higher than a standard greeting card, these crafts are so artistic that they double up as cool home decor ideas.

Show some old world charm

One way of thanking someone that never goes wrong is writing a letter to them. You could even go one step ahead and make them a greeting card. And since people don’t get many of either these days, it takes them back to simpler times, making it all the more special.

Link it to their hobby

A simple look at their post history will  give you an insight into the interests of the donor. This way you can express your gratitude in a way that will be memorable and special to them. Imagine the happiness of a Doctor Who fan who gets a card made like a TARDIS, which on opening says, “Like TARDIS, your heart is bigger on the inside, too!” If you can’t figure out a fandom, get a timeline. Use a theme like 80’s or 90’s, alluding to a specific time which may have been special for the donor.

Feature them in your success story

Another way to make the donor feel extra special is featuring them in your promotions. Ask them why they chose to donate. You could either use it as a part of a promotional video or a use their image with their statement. In fact, you can also use this testimonial and the donor’s name (with due permission, of course) in media stories that appear about your campaign.

Integrate their names with your project

In case of a particularly generous donor, you can even make the association more permanent. One great example is this campaign that promises to institute an award and add a plaque of the most generous donors’ name in the school the funds are being raised for.

These are only a few ideas. You could explore many more similar ones. Create a free fundraiser on Crowdera and say ‘Thank You’ to your donors in style.