Madonna: Not so much “The Material Girl”

Madonna sure has emerged as the first lady of pop music over the last two decades. This week, though, she has been in news for applying to adopt two more kids from the African country Malawi. And not just the kids she officially adopted, the pop diva has worked for the betterment of many other kids.

By her own admission, Madonna feels a sense of connectivity and commitment to children of Malawi. No wonder then that she has taken care of through her nonprofit ‘Raising Malawi’. The organization, founded in 2006, is dedicated to kids living in extreme poverty. It provides the kids with nutritious food, good education, safe shelters and access to good medical care. They have built more than 10 schools and a pediatric hospital in rural areas of Malawi.

Madonna has organized several whacky fundraisers for her organization. Only last month, she performed wearing a clown costume. She even auctioned some black-and-white pictures of her wedding with Sean Penn during the same event. In just one event, she raised more than $7.5 million. Everytime, she does one of these fundraisers, Madonna herself pitches in big amounts. She matches the donations raised dollar-for-dollar in many cases.

Other than her own nonprofit, Madonna periodically supports many more charitable causes and organizations. The prominent among them are Millennium Promise, International Medical Corps and UNICEF. She donates to several organizations that work for children like Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children of Peace and Small Steps Foundation.

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