Karunai Illam, a home of compassion and hope

Karunai Illam literally means ‘The Home of Compassion’. And, that’s exactly what it stands for in the lives of many kids who have lived under its roof in the last two decades. The roof over their head is old and crumbling now, which is what brought them over to Crowdera.

Run by a trust of the same name in Chennai, the orphanage was started in 1996. Back then, it was home to only ten children. The aim behind opening the house was to serve the deprived people. The original plan was to be a home disadvantaged elderly people and destitute children. The trust takes care of their needs like shelter, food, hygienic and peaceful environment.

Currently, Karunai Illam is home to 80 kids, including 48 boys and 32 girls. Many of the kids here are physically challenged or suffer from problems like Down’s syndrome. There are others whose parents can no longer afford to take care of the kids.

“A child with disability is considered a liability by many. Some others consider the child not a mere liability but a shame. Rural children who are deaf and dumb sit and not owing to negligence ignorance and the poverty of the family,” said Power Singam, the director of the Trust. He also lives in the premises with the kids and is personally involved in their care.

The home is now showing signs of aging. It has even faced cyclone and floods in the last twenty years of its existence. Karunai Illam is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to build a new home for their kids. It would also help them take in some more kids.

You can also support Karunai Illam in building this new home. Donate to their campaign at Crowdera. Even a small contribution from you, or spreading the word about the campaign among your friends will be a big help.