Using a smartphone to become a smart fundraiser

The one thing that most of us can’t do without, which has become an extra appendage, is a smartphone. But did you know that it could help take your fundraising efforts a notch higher?

Let’s provide you with some numbers to prove that mobile phones help you raise funds. These are the findings revealed in Blackbaud’s ’50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats’:

  • Nearly 10% of online donations are made on mobile devices.
  • Mobile-responsive websites and donation forms lead to a 34% increase in conversion rates.
  • 16.6% of donors who donated after responding to an email did so through a mobile device.

So, now that we have established the importance of mobile donations, let’s see how the phone can help in your online fundraising efforts.


Even before launching your campaign, you could reach out to family, friends and other closed ones. Tell them about the decision and reason to attempt crowdfunding. Enlist their help, ask them to pledge small amounts. You can do this over phone calls, text messages and any other way you can to reach out.


Everything from writing the story for your campaign, uploading pictures and videos can be done through a smartphone. Essentially, you can replace the PC with your smartphone completely.


The easiest way to share the link of your campaign with someone is to send a text with it. This can be a text message, or even an instant message through an app like WhatsApp, Kik or Telegram. Usually, people check messages much more frequently than they check their email. And, most people would also click the link you send in the text.


Anytime your campaign hits a milestone, or something important happens, you can put an update through your smartphone. You don’t even have to wait until you get access to a computer.


Most of us have all our social media accounts synced with our smartphones. This means that you can make all the Facebook and Twitter donation appeals using your phone. It also means that you can also use platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and the like for social media promotions.


You know that you can invite friends to join your fundraising team on Crowdera. You can do this very easily through a smartphone.


We highly recommend every fundraiser to conduct some offline activities to promote their campaigns. During such activities, you can use a smartphone to enable people you come across for donating.

While you do all this, Crowdera‘s mobile optimized version to help you through the process. And, you can avail of all these services for FREE!