Updates can help boost a crowdfunding campaign

We live in a world where lack of communication can only point to unwillingness to reach out to someone. This is true for donors of a crowdfunding campaign as well. When there is no information about a campaign, donors start feeling disconnected. Therefore, we recommend regular communication with donors through updates.

On Crowdera, it is very easy to create an update. Just log in to your account, go to your dashboard and open your campaign in edit mode. Select the “Updates” tab. You will see a screen like this:

Click the button that says “Create Update” and start writing whatever you wish to. You can also make a headline, add pictures or videos and personalize the update.


Expressing gratitude:

In an earlier post, we have mentioned the ways of thanking your donors. This can also be done on the updates page. You could list down the names of donors every few days, and thank them all for their generosity. This will be especially special for donors who have given out large donations.

Hitting a milestone:

The donors who contribute to your fundraiser are the ones who really believe in you and your cause. Milestones in terms of a crowdfunding campaign can be of many kinds. A large donation from a generous individual, an organization pledging allegiance to your cause, or achieving a certain percentage of your target amount are a few examples. Celebrate any milestone in your crowdfunding journey with them like Kohka Foundation did here:


Offline activities:

Let your donors know of any offline activities that you plan or that have happened. This will help you connect better with the local donors. This is what Sarathi Trust is doing in their fundraiser. With their campaign story, they had inserted a schedule of offline activities. Every few days, they are updating what happened during those activities. They even added a list of offline donations collected during these events.

Project progress: 

Even as your fundraising activities go on, you can give the progress of the project you are crowdfunding for. Prajwala did this throughout their campaign, providing details of the construction work the funds were meant for.

Media reports: 

Media reports about your campaign, or organization can be a great boost to donors. Therefore, they make for a great update. They also count as a milestone

You could also decide to make these updates every week, or every ten days.

Don’t forget to share all these updates on social media. You can do this by clicking the icon of the desired social media platform below the update.

For any other queries on crowdfunding, reach out to the Crowdera crew [email protected]