The need to be generous is universal!

Many of our past #ScienceSaturday posts speak about the science behind being generous. While most studies have a few hundred or thousand people involved, there’s one that had more than 200,000 subjects.

And, even this one reached the same conclusion. So, we can officially say that the connection between prosocial spending and an individual’s well-being is a universal phenomenon. This is true even for people from poor countries.

The study was conducted by a group of scientists on people from 136 countries. Its results were published in the journal of American Psychological Association. The conclusion was that the ‘feel-good’ effect of spending money on others is equivalent in people all across the globe.

This is the first study to provide empirical evidence that such feelings are a more widespread component of human psychology than previously thought. Respondents included 234,917 people, mostly men with the average age of 38.

The study found that respondents from 120 out of the 136 reported positive relationship between personal well-being  and generosity. Factors like income, social support, perceived freedom and perceived national corruption didn’t affect the results, according to the researchers. The results were comparable in both wealthy and poor countries. People from countries like Canada, South Africa, India and Uganda were among the participants.

Respondents related an instance wherein they spent money, and their subsequent feeling. People who remembered spending money on others reported higher levels of happiness. This fact remained unchanged even with certain constraints that the researchers put on the participants.

“From an evolutionary perspective, the emotional benefits that people experience when they help others acts to encourage generous behavior. Such behavior is also beneficial to long-term human survival,” said principal investigator Lara Aknin explaining the results.

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