When Akka got diagnosed with cancer

For over a decade now, former techie Shakir Ahamed has seen Kanagalakshmi trying to make ends meet for her family. She works as a domestic help at the Ahamed household (and several others) in Trichy. Tragedy struck when this feisty woman was diagnosed with cancer. Not wasting any time, the Ahameds got her back, with Shakir raising funds for the treatment.

Kanagalakshmi is the major bread winner for her family of five. Her husband can only manage to earn a little from a few odd jobs here and there. The children are still studying, and too young to contribute to the family income.

Last year, she was diagnosed with cancer in oesophagus (food pipe). The disease was at an advance stage when detected. She has already undergone chemotherapy and radiation. The only way to save her life now remains a surgery. The doctors have already warned that the surgery must take place as soon as possible.

“All through the last year, my parents have actively participated in Lakshmi Amma’s treatment. They took her to different doctors, explained her the diagnosis and even helped her financially. I was looking for a non-traditional means of raising funds for her surgery when I came across Crowdera,” said Shakir. He added that he is trying to involve everybody he knows¬†in this mission.

The Ahameds say that helping Kanagalakshmi was just the natural thing to do for them. After all, she has served them with a smile for twelve years. Their help and efforts to raise funds is a way to honor her services.

Currently, Kanagalakshmi is undergoing treatment at Trichy’s Kauvery Hospital. You can visit the campaign page for her fundraiser to see all the reports. You can also donate to her by following the same link. Join in Shakir’s fundraising efforts by spreading the word about this campaign. In fact, you could even join the fundraising team to contribute in a more proactive manner.