How to: Bring more traffic to your crowdfunding page

One of the basic principles of crowdfunding is to enlist the help of family and friends to increase traffic flow towards your page. But what do you do after this option is exhausted?

This is a question that boggles many a fundraiser who come over at Crowdera. So, we decided to answer it in today’s edition of #TuesdayTips. In earlier posts, we have covered a lot of promotion related stuff and dealing with the plateau phase of your campaign.

Here are a few ways to attract more traffic to your campaign:

Start a blog 

The easiest thing to do, which you can control all by yourself, is to start a blog. This is where you can track the progress of your campaign, make updates and get into a conversation with your followers. You would also need to look out for the various avenues to promote this blog.

Keep SEO in mind

In every content you produce for the campaign, make sure to follow the rules of search engine optimization. If needed, read about the relevant keywords beforehand and chalk out a plan. Not just the written material, the images and infographics can also get you noticed.

Participate in online forums

Social media obviously plays a very important role in your promotional strategies. Groups on platforms like Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn can help reach the right people. You only need to figure which groups your campaigns fits into. Online forums like Quora, Reddit, Instagram and Pinterst would require you to be more proactive and interactive than the others.

Take help of bloggers 

While you blog on your own, don’t forget to reach out to influential bloggers in your niche. You can even write guest posts for the ones that allow it. Make sure, though, that you do this on blogs that have a substantial following.

Reach out to influencers

There are many lists of influencers in crowdfunding. There are lists of influencers within certain niche areas of crowdfunding, too. Get in touch with some of them much before launching the campaign. Don’t ask them to help you with promotions. They will do it themselves if they find merit in your cause. Just ask for help in improving your campaign.

Offline activities

This is something that can not be stressed enough. Along with your crowdfunding campaign, organize offline events that will help you engage with people who would be interested in your cause. You can also engage with people in events organized by others. You can even get people to donate there and then if the engagement goes well.

While these tips can help bring traffic to your crowdfunding page, getting the donations is another story. If you want more tips and ideas, contact the Crowdera crew at [email protected]